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Gaming, in Platinum casino,  Bansko can be defined as a game which you play against a dealer.

American roulette
American Roulette is a form of gambling roulette, common in the United States. In this casino game, each player plays with chips in a different color to easily distinguish bets. The chips have different value according to the minimums and maximums of the table. The numbers on the wheel 0 to 36 are arranged in different order from the way they are ordered on the table. The wheel is divided into sectors.
In winning number Zero all outside bets (single chanse) - red, black, even, odd, small, large numbers dozens and columns lose. Bets placed on Zero earn and be paid by way paid all other numbers.
ORAL BETS (CALL BETS) - quick bets. Do not bet on the table and verbally announced. Placed in a designated place. Profit is given in chips or money.
Types lips bets:
Adjacent numbers (NEIGHBORING NUMBERS) number and the two adjacent numbers on each side / left and right /
ZERO SPIEL 0-3, 12-15, 26, 32-35
Sectors of the wheel:
VOISINS DU ZERO 0, 2-3 (2 chips), 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, 25-29 (2 chips), 32-35
TIERES 5-8, 10-11,13-16,23-24, 27-30, 33-36
ORPHELINS 1, 6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34
How to play the game: The dealer announces the start of bets. Then rolls the ball. Betting continues until the announcement by the croup "End of bets". All bets are then returned. When the ball falls the dealer announces the winning number and the sector color. The losing bets are being cleaned and the winning are being paid by following a certain procedure.
When exiting the game, the player must change all the colored chips for cash chips.
Black Jack
Black Jack (Jack Black) is a game known as twenty-one and is of French origin. The game relies on a combination of chance and strategy and the skill of the players to count cards and make profitable bets.

Black Jack is played with 4 or 6 decks of cards. The aim is to beat the dealer's hand, by having the sum of the cards matching no more than 21 or is closer to that number but not higher.
Ace - counts as 1 or 11. Jack, Queen, King are 10 points. All other cards carry as much points as it is written on them.
The game starts if there are at least two busy boxing on the table. Bets are placed in the shape of boxing. Before the cards are dealt, the dealer spends hand in boxes, to "register" bets. Is dealt one card of each of the boxes and then gives one and the dealer. If the dealer's card is an ace, insurance is offered to players. It is half of all bets of the player. Once willing to insure against the dealer having Black Jack, comes up another round up of cards. Then follows "processing" of the boxes. If a player has Black Jack and the dealer will first ace 10 or image, he is paid the bet. If the dealer has an Ace is obliged to offer "even money" (to pay him half the bet) because there is a danger and he has blackjack. However, if there are 10 or its equivalents are not available, but asked for the customers have to pay "even money".
After paying the winning dealer pointed each of boxes declared values. If a player has an ace, the dealer must notify both versions (1 and 11). Example 8 + a declared "nine, nineteen."
When a player has two cards of the same (without ace) offers split (split). Speaks is "split, card?" (split or card). If he split the cards are separated and your bet is doubled. Then dealt one card in both places.
If the value of a player is 9, 10 or 11, the dealer must offer double. Dealt only one more card (generally become 3). The wager is doubled because it is considered that there veroyanostta third ace 10 or picture is great. It should be understood that in the weave can also be made double. Double, of course, can be done with any other amount.
If after the third card, the amount of a player exceeds 21, he loses, the dealer announces "too many" and store cards and bet. The dealer distributes to himself while its amount exceeds 17. If you gave ace, consider the next card, whether it be 1 or 11. If its amount exceeds 21, paid to all players.

If the player has an ace and "image" or 10, this is a blackjack (see photo) and the bet is paid in relation 3: 2 unless the dealer also has blackjack. In this case the bet is considered egalite (egalite or en.-egality). This means that the bet is neither won nor lost and can not be changed. If the player fails to make blackjack with your first two cards, you may try to get close to the maximum 21 asking for more cards. Says "card" for additional card or "no cards" if you do not want to try. You should know, that player loses if the sum of his hand exceeds 21, whether the dealer's hand is not exceeded that amount. If you have the same points, neither one nor the other wins.
Carribean poker
Undoubtedly the most popular poker game in the world. The dealer deals all the players and himself 5 cards, the last card the dealer leaves open. Once you see your cards you must decide whether to continue playing and bet against the dealer's hand. You are provided the opportunity to change only 1 card from the originally distributed 5 cards, but you have to buy it. Once all players have decided whether to continue playing the dealer opens his 4 closed cards . Dealer qualifies with a hand of A and K or higher.
Three card poker
Three Card Poker is a type of poker played in casinos. The Three Card Poker is relatively young game, born less than half a decade ago the game was born from the rising need to mix the excitement of the poker game with the speed of the most casino games. It has all the right ingredients - the rules were simple, the payouts were attractive enough and of course the house advantage was higher. Are you a fan of Three Card Poker? If you are, or you just want to try the game for the very first time then Platinum Casino is your place.
Ultimate Stud Poker
The popularity of Texas hold’em has spread throughout the gambling world. Some casino players would like to get in on the poker craze, but are used to traditional table games where they compete against the house. To accommodate these players, casinos have come up with games that are hybrids of Texas hold’em and casino games. One of these is Ultimate Texas Hold’em.