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Steam bath

From ancient times the wonderful qualities of the hot steam are known to the people. The steam baths have been used even from the ancient greek people and the romans. What is the steam bath? The steam bath is a room with high humidity and temperature of up to 40-50°С. Steam is being injected through a steamgenerator in the facility which heats up the air for the clients of this special steam bath facility. The ceiling of the steam bath is of "rainbow" type, so that the condensed steam can congragate by the walls, and not drop from the ceiling. In the room there are comfortable anatomic benches. Most often these benches are panelled with glass, stone tessellation etc. Even though the humidity is high, you can easily breath in the room, because the steam is not dry and does not burn the respiratory trackt.
The stay in the steam bath has plenty of advantages - it strenghtens the immune system, improves the metabolism and the elastics of the muscles. It is reccommended to use after a tough day in the fitness. The pores of the skin open and clean, the body feels rested. In the steam bath there is a possibility for spreading aromas and salts, appropriate for the lungs and respiratory. The steam bath lowers the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, joint pains, pains and pressure in the muscles. The intensive sweating is the perfect way to keep healthy skin, because it cleans the skin better than soap and water. This is confirmed by every dermatologist. The steam bath stimulates the blood supply to the skin, and opens its pores. It washes away the dead skin cells and throws away the toxins. The steam bath is not appropriate for people suffering from heart deceases and pregnant women.