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The sauna is usually a room that is lined with wood with low heat. The masters of spa construction say that suitable cladding saunas are pine, linden, spruce.

For room sauna is typically high temperature and low humidity. Warming is usually done by electric stove with hot volcanic stones, infrared, or wood stove.

Use of sauna has many advantages. The sauna is a way to relax, rest, especially on cold days. Health benefits of cold and stress are large, suitable for recovery after heavy workouts to relieve pain from injuries. A few minutes after entering the sauna, the body begins to sweat, open and cleanse pores, disposed of accumulated toxins, support the functions of the urinary system.

The sauna improves blood circulation, has detoxifying and immunostimulatory effect. By sweating the body disposes accumulated toxins. The sauna is not reccommended when you have affected central nervous and cardiovascular system.