Special Offers


Traditional atmosphere of the Bansko’s bit meets with a stylish interior design in the Mehana of Hotel Perun  Bansko. Place to meet friends, the warm and cozy restaurant is the perfect place in which you can recuperate after a day on the snowy ski slopes of Pirin Mountain. We offer only the highest level of service from our trained at the highest standards staff.

In front of our warm fireplace you can enjoy a fresh salad waiting for the main dish. Choice of main dishes includes both well-known specialties, aromatic dishes from the farthest cranny of the planet as well as traditional local dishes.

You cannot visit Bansko and not try kapama, chumlek, banski sudjuk and banski staretz, banski sach and katheno meze. Fans of vegetarians dishes are also thought of, especially for them are the classic: breaded cheese with honey and sesame, cheese breaded with cranberries, goat cheese parchment, chobanski mushrooms, cabbage rolls!